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Love of knowledge echoes in our hearts and nourishes great thoughts”. These are the words of the great Socrates that we admire and implement in our lives here at Ravagh Home. We believe beauty will save the world so we created an environment that allows us to think different. Convinced that a beautiful setting would enhance creativity and develop a community where designers follow a scale of shared values we built the most beautiful Showroom, Office and Design Center in the country.

Ravagh Home located at 82 Fereshteh is the pioneer in custom made furniture designs in the region. We have successfully created a magnificent core collection with limitless fabrics and elements that gets handpicked by each client. We do not produce, we create. We do not sell, we collaborate. Each interaction with our customers has turned into long lasting friendships that we will cherish for as long as we exist. Our doors are open and we invite everyone to become a part of our community and enjoy this new lifestyle that we thrive to represent every day.

Ravagh Group,82 Fereshteh, Tehran.           +98 21 22049247           info@ravagh-group.com


Ravagh Group,82 Fereshteh, Tehran

+98 21 22049247